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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #438


I need help.  I have a 39 gallon aquarium with about 20 small, quarter sized
angles and a handful of tetras.  It is a deep tank that has the footprint of
a 20 long. The bottom of the tank is heavily planted with Amazon swords,
Wenditii, and an anubias.  80 watts of tube light in a mixed spectrum, no
CO2.  I have a nitrogen problem.  The tank has two hang on the back filters
and a submersed powerhead with a sponge for biologic filtration, I did a 50
percent water change on Sunday.  Last night the nitrates were at 30 ppm.
This is a new issue, and the plants are suffering with Green Bush Algae.
The water is a bit hard and the ph is around 7.5-8, high for angles but
these guys are from a local breeder who has the same water type.  Because
the plants and filters are well established I would like to use them to
limit the algae, but I am open to other ideas.  I currently do not add any
other fertilizers, would K help the plants use the nitrates?  Does Ph have a
role in any of this?  Would CO2 help.  I'm about to give up on plants and
turn to African lake fish, it is frustrating....All help is appreciated

Jim DeAngelo, CFM 
Dewberry & Davis LLC
8401 Arlington Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22031 

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