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Re: kasselmann critique

>>However, I believe her culture techniques are very different from what we
typically use.  She is a strong advocate of enriched substrates and limited
water column dosing and trying to match water parameters from ecological
niches. <<

That wasn't my impression at all, but I havn't read the whole book cover to
cover yet, so I don't know where you are seeing this. I jumped mainly to the
plant genus and specie info which I think is great.  I think there is a
wealth of information there for anyone at any skill level. I didn't find it
particularly hard to read, but detailed enough so that even someone more
advanced may pick up new information. Even if what you say is true, I don't
think thats a bad thing...there are many people that follow that regime.
Scheurmann's Aquarium Plants Manual is a great quick reference book, but is
pale in comparison to this book. Opinions may vary! :)

Robert Paul Hudson
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