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re: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick..

Hypocrite, that is what James Purchase is:

First he scorns Jack for personality attacks against Tom Barr. But
than immediately follows with a personal attack on Jack's spelling. And
he spends quite a large amount of time in his prior attack about Jack
chronogically detailing many of his prior posts by date - to the point of stalking Jack through his posts.

How come we don't see any pictures of James planted tanks? I want
to judge him on results. If they are dazzling I might lend him some
credibility. But based on the emptiness of his contributions to the
list in combination with his own history of bashing new members, I
consider him disturbed.

-------- original message

"Jack" wrote:
"...its just to bad that a lot of people put all there faith in one mans

Well, when you consider that the man in question has a long track record of questioning "conventional wisdom" and trying things out for himself, and is always willing to help other people out and offer good, sound advice, I don't think it's such a stretch.

Of course, that's nothing compared to your many years in the "tropical fish buisness" (your own mode of spelling, I presume?). Let's not forget the depth of your knowledge as displayed in the questions you've posted to the APD (do you really want me to post them again, Jack???).

I'm pretty sure that most people here know whom they can trust.
You and your buddy "Bob" have fun in Iran.......careful when you bend over, I hear that camels can be frisky......

James Purchase

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