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re: moss links

Stephan asked:
"I have’nt got Kasselmann. What does the moss and
liverwort section look like?"

There isn't one.

The A-Z secion of Kasselamn is arranged alphabetically by genus. The
"Family" each genus is generally assigned to is given, but Ms. Kasselmann
doesn't spend much time on higher classification.

The only "moss" covered with a detailed description is V. dubyana. The
venerable Fontinalis antipyretica gets two mentions in the early section of
the book and one listing in an Appendix (thanks to Dave Gomberg, who
prepared the appendix), but does not get a detailed treatment in the body of
the book.

Riccia and Ricciocarpus are the two genera of liverworts covered. Both get
detailed treatments. Neither one is identified as a liverwort ("floating
plant" is as close at it gets). Ricciocarpus is described as a "dioecious

Don't take this as a criticism or a failing in Kasselman - the book covers
more species than I've seen in any one book. And it does it well. It might
just be my personal interest in taxonomy, or it might be a failing in the

James Purchase