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Re: Water Changes

Tom, and Everyone,

I have a new bigger tank, and am already tired of hauling twice as many
buckets, half the distance to the sink.

I have been imagining  a DIY siphon like Tom's,
but am really bothered by the idea of pouring all that nice clean tap water 
down the drain to get the neccesary suction. 

Any ideas on what sorts of hand (or foot) pump are available that 
could be installed in the circuit instead?
Standing there squeezing is still less work than hauling buckets.

Any suggestions out there?

Steff Zimsen
landlocked in New Hampshire

Tom Wood wrote:
>You can make your own siphon system with a garden hose and some PVC
>fittings. Make an inverted 'U' out of PVC pipe and hang it on the tank. Put
>valves on both ends so you can store it full of water and start the siphon.