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Water Changes

You can make your own siphon system with a garden hose and some PVC
fittings. Make an inverted 'U' out of PVC pipe and hang it on the tank. Put
valves on both ends so you can store it full of water and start the siphon.
At the tank end, use a threaded fitting so you can attach various
components. I attach a 'T' fitting when filling so the water pressure is
directed to the sides of the tank. I can also screw in a nylon barb fitting
so I can use the vacuum device. If I had small fry I would find a way to
attach a sponge of some sort while draining. Drop the outlet end in a nearby
flower bed. On another tank I installed a permanent pipe system that drains
to the base of a small oak tree that I'd planted. That tree is now several
times bigger than some others that were planted at the same time.