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RE: UV Sterilizer/UV Bulbs

The sun has been growing plants for a lot longer than we have. Last time I
checked there was more UV getting through the ozone layer every day. The
plants are still growing outside. How do these natural plants compensate for
the intense nutrient depletion that must be provided by the sun? It appears
that where there is a will there is a way. I must tell you that in practice
I use both a UV sterilizer and URI Aquasun bulbs. True, you need to
compensate for lost FE. Other than that regular trace additions is more than
sufficient to grow plants under UV. UV is what I believe to be a key in
bringing out intense reds in plants. These are of course only theories that
I believe to be true from observation. Being less than technically
proficient at analyzing these things scientifically I have only the above to