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Re: aquarium related injury

Not sure of the species, I didn't even get to see it. This happened at
Surfers Paradise in Australia, it was very painful however my killer
survival instincts told me I should pass out so I did :-) I kind of remember
more pain after leaving the hospital than when it happened, I was 15 and as
I said quickly passed out so I guess I was lucky from that point of view. It
was actually closer to a deep scratch than a straigh puncture, this probably
saved me a lot of pain. And to think I was wearing sneakers!

Giancarlo Podio

--- Original Message ---


"Now is this a real threat? I have a scratch on my
finger (thank my cat for
that) which stings a little when I have my hands in
the tank. Should I be wearing gloves?"

Personally, I would.  I'm not a doctor or anything,
but it's my understanding that's how it can happen.
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

A stonefish?  Wow.  That has me beat.  Where was this?
 What species?  I've heard that people have cut off
their limbs to get rid of the pain from the venom.