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Python Alternative

Even though I live in the Pacific Northwets where it rains from October to 
July and there is no shortage of water, I still felt bad watching all the 
water go down the drain while I used the python. So my husband set up an 
alternative system which I find works quite well. We took an old (about 15 
yrs) sump pump from when we lived in the lowlands of Southwestern Michigan, 
and attached a hose connector to the output end. I run a hose from the 
output into a drain. The sump pump sits in a 5 gallon bucket, and I use a 
gravel vacuum to siphon the water out of the tank and fill the bucket. You 
do need to make sure that your sump pump can drain faster than your gravel 
vac can fill. When I'm done, I use the hose to fill up the tank (I usually 
run some clean water through it first).

I am hoping to get my husband to set something up so that instead of pumping 
the water down the drain, I could run it out onto the grass or the garden.


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