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Kasselmann critique

I presume there are now a fair number of people on this list who now have
their copy of the book, either from vendors on the list like me, or from the
AGA convention, (those still waiting for a book from me, my next shipment
goes out next tuesday)...so what does everyone think of the book? What are
your favorite sections?

I particularly like the Cryp section. She lists many more Cryp species than
what I have seen in any other Aquarium book, and goes into pretty good
detail on the care of the plant, it's suitability in the aquarium, the
history of the plant, and it's nomenculture. Any comments? For those who are
not familiar with the long awaited book, I am reffering to Aquarium Plants
by Christel Kasselmann.

Robert Paul Hudson
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