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Re: UltraViolet, ultracloudy

Tom Writes: << this is an essentially
filterless tank, except for some filter padding, so I like the extra clarity
that it brings to the water.>>

My tank has been filterless for years, not even filter padding, just a pump,
that's it.  I could read normal magazine type easily looking down the
75-gallon tank the long way, through four feet of water.  The tank is as
clear as a bell.  If the tank is 'really cooking' you can shut off the UV.
You don't need it.  I don't know if it's 'bad' or not but I can say you
don't need it.

Diane Waldstadt's (probably misspelled) book 'ecology or the planted
aquarium' makes me think that nature's got it figured out pretty darn well.
While my set up is a little more 'high tech' than hers her chapters on water
chemistry make me feel the less inputs the better.

This kind of brings up something I have thought about; the best tool in
clearing up problems is a steady hand.  Do nothing is often the best advice.
It's hard to follow because I think most of us are tinkerers by nature.
More inputs aren't always good and I would say rarely are. Trust me, I've
wanted a UV sterilizer at times but like the filter sitting unattached in
the basement I don't believe them to be a necessity or a benefit most of the