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Regulators and Bobbin Flowmeters

Thanks guys - think I'll take Suzy's approach with the needle valve and
fixed regulator. Her system has the added bonus of being compliant with
the Australian standards, and with the available fittings on cylinders
here, and more readily available than the ones the rest of you may have
in US or Canada.

Scott: Aqua-medic / Aqualine may sell a fixed regulator but again I may
have the problem with finding one in the first place, and having it
compliant with the Australian regulations. As far as the high quality
medical grade flow meters go - sounds great - perhaps one day when I
strike it lucky on lotto :) Then again, wouldn't we all do many things
with our systems if we won lotto :) Hello Octopus V3000 with the works,
and that upgrade to the 10'x3'x3' I always wanted......... 

Suzy: Being an engineer myself (in learning - at Uni of Newcastle that
is) I too have the same problem with never being able to leave things as
they are - I'm constantly "fine-tuning" everything that I have, no
matter how well it already works! Perhaps a fixed one would serve me
better purely for that purpose so I can't 'fiddle' with it :) Thanks for
the model names - the fixed regulator you use on your system appears the
same as the local welding shop was going to sell me (BOC6000). Also he
priced a 'vt' aluminium cylinder which seems massive at around 13kg
(that's around 28lb for those still working on the imperial 'old' system
:)) - AUS$100 yearly rental and around AUS$35 to fill. Lucky I have a
bit of space beside the tank for it. The welding place didn't sell
metering (needle) valves, but gave me the name of a place locally which
sells a 'range' of needle valves and connectors. Bonus!

FYI, as a rough idea, the BOC6000 fixed regulator plus bobbin flowmeter
(0-15L/min) he priced at AUS$187.00 for the package.


Adam Shaw