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Re: aquarium related injury

When I was about 14 and didn't know near what I know
now about aquariums, I bought something called a
"bumblebee catfish".  They told me it wouldn't be a
problem in a community tank.  Wrong!  I noticed his
wide mouth after he peeked out from his driftwood cave
but wasn't able to catch him (or her?) until the next
day, after which he had consumed about 6 neons.  I put
him in a betta bowl on top of the tank until I could
return him to the store.  While in the bowl, he
regurgitated the neons.  Later that day, I walked into
the room to bag him up, he wasn't in the bowl.  I was
in my bare feet.  As I walked up to the tank, I
stepped on the fish and got spined in the arch of my
right foot.  I was in incredible pain for about the
next three hours.  We called the hospital and they
said that while there would be quite a bit of swelling
and pain, I was not at risk.  Ouch.  

There's a guy in my local club who had what I think
was fish TB.  Part of his hand is eaten away near his
wrist.  Don't work on your tank with cuts on your
hand.  At least use gloves or something.


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