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Re: Cryp undulatas

I've had a C. undulata for several years now. When I first bought it, it 
was about 6" high with fairly wide leaves and dark wine red in colour. I 
placed it in my tank with c.1wpg erratic CO2 and little fertizilation but a 
laterite rich mature gravel substrate. I of course got the immediate melt 
and the leaves came back green and thinner but I have enjoyed healthy 
growth and good production of offsets. Offsets are usually produced at some 
distance (5cm or so) from the parent plant unlike other crypts. I've 
recently upped the lighting to 1.5wpg and have a much more reliable CO2 and 
fert regime and it has responded with much faster growth/offset production 
and the new leaves are wider and much darker with lighter undersides but 
the height has stayed c.6". It remains one of my faves and is very easy to 
keep and has put up with a lot of abuse in moves and transplants with 
minimal melts or slow-downs. I have a picture of the parent plant at 

Cheers Tony