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Re: aliments

Tom Barr wrote:
> The occasional stray electrical current in the tank helped that (sometimes
> called a "ballast blast"). But I got treatment early, fortunately no drastic
> measures were needed.... eg no "Apical Amputation" or Gangerous Green thumb.

If the electricity is from your catfish instead of your lighting,
is it "stray" current?
I mean, she meant to do that.  It's quite directed electrical current.

And if the ~zap~ doesn't result in further injury
(say, badly scraping your arm on its way out of the tank),
do annoyed messages from electric fish count as 
aquarium injuries? 

Maybe they're just unfortunate aquarium lessons:
"quit rearranging my furniture" lessons, or "feed me already!" lessons,
or worse, the unhappy "get this plant out of my way" lesson. 
:^( She dug up a small Nymphaea zenkerii yesterday.) 

No, really, it doesn't hurt,
(for very long)
Steff Zimsen