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> Claus is of the opinion that it's a blue-green of some
> kind, and that no algae can come back that fast.  I
> tried hitting it with erythromycin, but that didn't
> work.  Bailin Shaw said he has it in one of his tanks
> and has hit it with every anti-biotic under the sun to
> no avail.  It could be that it just doesn't respond to
> the anti-biotics for some reason.  I guess mold could
> be a possibility.

There's no way I think it could be a Cyanophyte in that case or at least
extremely unlikely. All are quite susceptible to antibiotics.
The toughest FW one I've ran across is called
> Claus suggested that it may very well be feeding off
> of excessive organics.  That would make sense in my
> case because before the UV blackout I did 2 weeks ago
> that killed it, I had done very few water changes at
> all and there was quite a bit of dirt, etc.  I plan on
> doing 5 or 10 gallons a week on the 30 to see if that
> prevents it (+ some Purigen to help clean things up).

Few water changes could allow for a number of things to happen either good ,
bad or indifferent. Hard to say on that alone.
Poor maintenance and infrequent water changes sound like more of cause:-)

My tanks look junky if I don't mess with them too unless they are
specifically set up for low maintenance routines.

> I was looking around on the net and found some
> pictures of what appears to be a tank infected with
> the stuff (although not severely).  You can see it
> more on the bottom two pictures.  Notice the bubbles
> that seem to be floating above the leaves and how
> everything just looks kind of messy.  This is not my
> tank (I wish I did have that plant though!).

I don't see much there except pearling plants.
Tom Barr