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Re: NH4, algae and ? high fish load.

> Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 01:13:08 -0500
> From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Re:NH4, algae and ? high fish load
>> My question: Is my fish load too high? and hence driving the BGA.
> Not likely 
Glad to hear this from folks. I sure like the loaches. :-)
>> Suggestions, opinions welcome.
>> TIA
>> June
> Try large 50% weekly water changes and a blackout for 2-3days after one.
> That will clear it up.
> Then afterwards, do weekly 50% changes and add 1 teaspoon 2x a week/3x if
> high light and good growth.
> Add some PO4. 8 drops of Fleet enima or about 1/2 of 1/8
> teaspoon(1/16th-just divide a 1/4 into 4 parts) of KH2PO4 2x a week to 3x if
> good growth is occurring.

FWIW Walmart has  Smidgen, Pinch, Dash measuring spoons which are 1/32,
1/16, 1/8 tsp for <$5

Thanks Tom, this really helps. I had been adding KH2PO4 but at about 1/4 of
what you recommend. I increased it some and that's how I got the nitrates to
come down.
> Add 1 teaspoon of K2SO4 after waterchange
Doing this and KNO3 at rate you recommend. Tank is fairly high light.
> Add 20mls of flourish or TMG etc 2-3x week.
Am using Plantex CSM and had concluded they were too low and recently
increased them.
> Keep the CO2 up and check the pH/KH in the morning and the evening to make
> sure you have the right CO2 level all day long.

> Scrub tank and repeat.
Thanks, I will give it another go.
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr