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Breeding and Plant tanks

Hi, havent posted for a few.

What experience does everyone have with breeding fish in plant tanks. I would 
like to breed a few different species. I know that live bearers work well, 
but to me there is not much of a challenge there. Most professional breeders 
use bare tanks and do lots of water changes to keep nitrates and other 
pollutants at 0. Some use Methylene blue to prevent fungus. While I dont mind 
water changes, I do have an issue with bare tanks and using meds that may not 
be necessary. 
As Im writing this, I am postulating a few set ups, such as Epiplatys 
annulatus in a weed choked jungle, maybe some egg scatterers (tetras) in a 
shallow tank with lots of chain sword. Does anyone else have set ups like 
these? What measures can we take for sensitve fry care? Any ideas are