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Bald Cypress Seeds

Last week, I posted a link to a source of Bald Cypress Seeds (Whatcom Seed
Company - http://seedrack.com/). My order just arrived in the mail - very
quick service. The seeds were very nicely packaged in small ziplock bags
with internal foam padding, to protect the seeds from damage. A very nice
touch and shows (to me anyway) that the compnay cares about their products.

The enclosed instruction sheet contains germination instructions (they
included a separate such sheet specific to each of the types of seeds I
ordered). Seems I have to soak the seeds in ethyl alcohol for 5 minutes and
then cold stratify them (in the fridge, I would imagine) for 90 days before
planting. They getminate 14-60 days from sowing (1/4" deep).

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get seeds of rare/unusual aquatic plants
this way? No worries about plants getting past Customs at the border.

James Purchase