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Re: aliments

Trimmers twitch, pruner's pinch, grower's gout, Mulmy mouth from swallowing
tank water, Scissors' strain, bucket back, Shoulder slip, Gang "green"(a
condition of a gang of aquatic gardeners spoiling the tank) and other

> So, has anyone else been hurt by their aquariums?   ;-)
> cheers,
> shireen

My hurt was more a -mental- pain.
 But now that I'm using my medications: a cocktail of KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4
and some vitamins and traces I'm doing much better. Before I use to talk to
myself and mutter incoherently frequently(but much reduced these days). I
imagined parasitic algae engulfing me and being covered head to  toe with
BBA. It was terrible. These phycological delusions controlled my aquaristic
life. I could not go out to the LFS or buy a fish for fear of some new
mortal algae infestation.  Local aquariums Societies scared me, embarrassed
I might say something uncontrollable like that there is no salt in the
The occasional stray electrical current in the tank helped that(sometimes
called a "ballast blast"). But I got treatment early, fortunately no drastic
measures were needed.... eg no "Apical Amputation" or Gangerous Green thumb.

Tom Barr