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My one year old would very sad if I stopped lugging buckets of water in and
out of the living room. When he sees the green bucket he crawls as fast as
he can to the aquarium. He stands at the bucket and waits 'til he can reach
the water, then waves his hands it. When the bucket is full and I leave the
room he usually cries and crawls after me. After I empty it in the sink or
outside he crawls back to the living room and we do it again. A couple
times, when mommy wasn't looking, I let him wave his arms in the tank and
try to grab the fish. He REALLY liked that.

Oh yeah, this green 5-gallon bucket has a spigot on it (from beer brewing
days). One accident that occurred was I must have turned the spigot or one
of the kids, because as I was siphoning the tank one day, my foot all of a
sudden felt real wet. The spigot was open and the Oriental rug was soaked!
Ooops. Or there's the eager 3-year old that wants to help hold the siphon
tube and get distracted part way through and loses his aim at the bucket and
sprays water all over the rug.

There were also the random toys, Darth Vader and such mysteriously lying on
the bottom of the tank. Plus a brother-in-law who kept putting cheap plastic
aquarium toys in the tank. I finally threw them away, only to find them in
the tank again the next morning. Then I buried them deep in the garbage bag.
No more cheap decorations.