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Subject: aquarium-related injuries

Two things (one a suggestion, 2nd an injury):

1) Put some open celled foam in the python gravel cleaner to prevent the
baby fish from getting sucked up.  You can also turn down the flow.  I've
done this exact same thing w/ baby kribs.

2) I was (note tense of verb) dating a girl and I told her to feed the
oscars (about 4" each).  She grabbed a bottom feeder tab and started moving
her hand down toward the water at a normally cautious speed.  About 2" from
the water (going straight down w/ her arm) the oscar jumps up and grabs the
tab out of her hand.

She jumps up, screams, tosses the can of feeder tabs everywhere, trips over
her own shoes and falls flat on her back.  She wasn't physically injured but
you can see why I used the past tense above.  ;-)


> Don't tell me to use a python. I have too many baby fish in my
> tanks.
> So, has anyone else been hurt by their aquariums?   ;-)