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Re: UltraViolet, ultracloudy

More than once folks have noted that UV lamps cause
photoreduction of some things in the water, iron or iron
chelators being one of them (or is that two?).

But I recall someone noting that, re iron, the iron stays
in the tank, and long term is still avaialable to the

Also, many folks dose some nutirnets daily or every few
days, in which case a UV lamp might not be having a large

I dunno about any of this, but I think it would be good to
know.  Some books I've read have actually declared UVs to
be the best thing to happen to aquaria since Axelrod.  the
other recommendation, from diffrent sources is avoid them
entirely or avoid them except in special cases. 

No use; temporary use; continuous use?

Scott H.

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