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Aquarium Related Injuries

This particular injury was to the aquarium, not me (other than to my self 

I had purchased a brand new MH pendant light and was ready to install it 
over my 45 gallon tank when I noticed that the tank had one of those 
irritating center braces.  You know...those little plastic strips that run 
across the top of most tanks.  The problem was that this brace blocked some 
of the light from my new pendant.  Being an engineer, I knew that this 
little brace served no real purpose since it didn't seem to be taught - even 
though the tank was full of water.  Here's where my college degree kicked 

I whipped out my handy little saw and with the determination that only an 
aquarium hobbyist can have, I began to cut into the center brace.  I believe 
I was thinking about how useless the brace was I suddenly heard a loud noise 
- more like a gun shot.  Anyways, when the saw finally cut all the way 
through, the front and rear of the tank effectively ripped away from the two 
sides.  Most of the water poured out in under a second.  The remaining water 
(and fish) survived because as an engineer, I knew how to yell and use duct 
tape at the same time.

The moral of the story is this.  If you have an aquarium that is too small 
or has an algae problem that you can't solve, simply cut the little strap 
across the top of your tank.  Before you know it, you'll have a brand new 


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