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Re: Aquarium Related Injuries

Shireen's post reminded me of the issues I have with carrying so many 
buckets of water every week and my back pain from that. I've actually 
thought of taking a tank or two down in order to make things easier. 
It's kind of goofy because I have a Python somewhere around here but 
refuse to use it. Maybe I fear technology <g>. In the early eighties, 
I had a neighbor who bought his wife a microwave and she refused to 
let him bring it in the house because she feared radiation. That 
brand new microwave sat outside on the porch and rusted. So my Python 
phobia is kind of like that.

I used to drive heavy equipment. One day my daughter and I were 
driving along in the car and she saw a semi (full of aquatic plants 
of course) going down the road. She said, "Mom, you could do that". I 
told her that it paid pretty well and that I could do that, but I 
wouldn't want that job for all the money in the world. When she asked 
why, I told her that truck drivers have a high incidence of 
hemmoroids. She was kind of small and didn't quite get the humor in 
that. A few years later, we're driving down the highway and she sees 
a semi truck and comments that she could do that and it probably paid 
pretty well. Then she paused and and in a very serious voice said, 
"No, I don't think I would want that job. They have hemmoroids. I 
think I'll go to college and become a nurse instead."

So, with that in mind, please complete the following sentence:

I wouldn't want to be an aquarium hobbyist because they have _________.


JoAnn - up to her eyeballs in algae and loving it.