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Alternative to Swords

I have a couple of sword plants (Amazon and Rubin) as centerpieces for a 90 
gallon mixed Rainbow aquarium.  The two swords are directly under the 
brightest section of the tank - the area directly beneath a 175 watt MH 
pendant type lamp.  Like many swords, these two plants tend to accumulate 
algae on the older leaves.  Otherwise, the tank is relatively algae free.

I am currently looking into a few ways to possibly limit the algae but this 
could take some time, even if I am ultimately successful.  For now, I simply 
remove the affected leaves.  However, I was wondering if anyone might 
suggest an alternative centerpiece plant that would grow well but not be as 
prone to the accumulation of algae.  The water in the tank is extremely soft 
with a pH of approximately 6.5.  This is my first posting.  Thank you.


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