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Re:NH4, algae and ? high fish load

> My question: Is my fish load too high? and hence driving the BGA.

Not likely.

> For several month I have had increasing problems with what acts like a form
> of cyano. Greasy green scum on top and blackish green soft growth that
> recedes at night and expands during day. I generally don't have much trouble
> with algae and in past have managed BGA out breaks . All my other tanks have
> very light fish loads.
> I have been persistent  with manual removal and water change couple times a
> week. I have tested nutrient levels and corrected tank from being Nitrate
> rich (40 ppm) to testing 1ppm of nitrates and 0 of phosphate 48 hours after
> dosing so I think the nutrients are in pretty good shape. CO2 is at 30. KH
> around 8.
> With the better balance of nutrients, the surface scum has reduced to
> looking like green dust on the water. Black junk continues to slowing
> increase but not as fast. I know I can do black out or nuke it with
> Erythromycin. I want to understand and  correct cause.
> Tank is 125 with two clean Fluval 404 canisters. It has a forest of stem
> plants.
> Fish are seven  adequately nourished  4 inch clown loaches, two 3 inch SAE,
> one Farlowella and 35 cardinals.
> Is this high enough load to make NH4 the likely problem?


> Fish are usually fed daily with loaches as indicator fish for food. If
> loaches are not skinny, I am feeding enough. Food is frozen blood worms 3-4
> times a week and flakes rest of time.
> Suggestions, opinions welcome.
> June

Try large 50% weekly water changes and a blackout for 2-3days after one.
That will clear it up.
Then afterwards, do weekly 50% changes and add 1 teaspoon 2x a week/3x if
high light and good growth.

Add some PO4. 8 drops of Fleet enima or about 1/2 of 1/8
teaspoon(1/16th-just divide a 1/4 into 4 parts) of KH2PO4 2x a week to 3x if
good growth is occurring.

Add 1 teaspoon of K2SO4 after waterchange

Add 20mls of flourish or TMG etc 2-3x week.
Keep the CO2 up and check the pH/KH in the morning and the evening to make
sure you have the right CO2 level all day long.

Scrub tank and repeat.

Tom Barr