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Re:NH4, algae and ? high fish load

Just as a reference point, I have about 80 Cardinals, 8 Congo Tetras, 6
Tiger Barbs, 6 Cories and a few odd other fish in a 90 gallon. Nitrate < 20
(adjusted as needed with KN03), Phosphate <1.5, Ammonia 0, CO2 ~30, 2-96
watt AH Supply CF lamps. I dose K2S04 powder at 0.25 teaspoon a day. Minimal
algae. I feed what seems to me to be light, but they all look fat and happy.
I have a mix of fast and slow growing plants and the tank looks like a
champagne glass at the end of the day, so uptake of NH4 is probably near
instantaneous. A few more Cardinals sounds good...