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Mosses, Liverworts and Humans

LohK L :  I'm really sorry for the spelling!
Tomoko: I'd appreciate any pictures of aquatic mosses
or liverworts. (Samples would be even better ;) I
found some pictures of two other Fissidens species at
http://iopets.com/en/WP-009.htm but I would like to
see what you have. By the way, at the moment I am
doing some trials with F. viridulus in my tanks. Will
let you all know if they succeed.
James: Thanks for the update. Did your bryologist
friend get the 'Christmas' moss identified to species
level? Here's a couple of photos of R. natans (natans
says it all)http://waynesword.palomar.edu/bryoph1.htm
and http://home.unisanta.br/briofitas/fotos.htm, plus
some information on Riccia and Ricciocarpus:
Tomoko was right - they do look somewhat like floating
ginkgo tree leaves.


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