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Re:NH4, algae and ? high fish load

My question: Is my fish load too high? and hence driving the BGA.
For several month I have had increasing problems with what acts like a form
of cyano. Greasy green scum on top and blackish green soft growth that
recedes at night and expands during day. I generally don't have much trouble
with algae and in past have managed BGA out breaks . All my other tanks have
very light fish loads.
I have been persistent  with manual removal and water change couple times a
week. I have tested nutrient levels and corrected tank from being Nitrate
rich (40 ppm) to testing 1ppm of nitrates and 0 of phosphate 48 hours after
dosing so I think the nutrients are in pretty good shape. CO2 is at 30. KH
around 8.
With the better balance of nutrients, the surface scum has reduced to
looking like green dust on the water. Black junk continues to slowing
increase but not as fast. I know I can do black out or nuke it with
Erythromycin. I want to understand and  correct cause.
Tank is 125 with two clean Fluval 404 canisters. It has a forest of stem
Fish are seven  adequately nourished  4 inch clown loaches, two 3 inch SAE,
one Farlowella and 35 cardinals.
Is this high enough load to make NH4 the likely problem?
Fish are usually fed daily with loaches as indicator fish for food. If
loaches are not skinny, I am feeding enough. Food is frozen blood worms 3-4
times a week and flakes rest of time.
Suggestions, opinions welcome.