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Re: Composition of Green Light Stump Remover

--- Daphne Freeman offered help finding stump remover and
said, in part:

> that is odd
> you can't find any brand.  Perhaps this is stump removal
> season?

Do you mean stump-remover removal season?  Anyhow, I'm not
hunting it down like Jackie Gleason chasing a hot lobster. 
But I look for stump remover in any place that might carry
whenever I am there.  Do I only occassionally go home depot
and the like? Does once a week count as occassional?

I don't particularly care what brand I get. I have three
sassafras and two choke cherry stumps that I'd like to get
out of the way -- so I probably need several pounds. I
think nitrate distribution tightened up in recent times.

Scott H.

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