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Re: Ad Hominem Crits

Robert H said, in part:
> I dont understand why so many people excurt so much
> energy even responding
> to something like this. Anybody who reads the list knows
> who Tom is, and
> knows he is one of many knowledgable people on the list. 
> His experience is
> well respected, but certainly not agreed to by everyone.
> Why give fire to a
> flame. Ignore idiots and they go away.

Some reasons:

I would guess that not everyone who reads the list knows
who Tom is -- some come in only to get help on an immediate
problem and don't hang around long after that.  Maybe it
doesn't matter if they read somethng about Tom since they
don't know who he is.  I like to think it does matter but I
thing the bigger point is that it's a smear against the
list in general, and to the new and temporary user, that
might tend to steer them away from the list where they can
get the help they seek. So I think immediate responses to
the attacks are a good thing.  It might mean that the list
can get help to more of those that need it -- and that's is
good for the hobby.  

It's nice to hear the whelm of support; it's sort of a
morale booster.


If only it were true that ignoring idiots made them go away
;-)  .


Scott H.

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