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Re: plants not photosynthesizing

>I have a 75 
>gallon tank that is heavily planted. Light source is
>2 175 watt metal 
>halides.Ph is 6.85 .Temp. is 82. GH is 5. kh is 3.
>Pressurized co2 through a 
>reactor at 3 bubbles every 5 seconds. 

That's not a whole lot of co2 (13ppm).  Especially
with all that light.  I'd go for about 30ppm.    

>Plants still seem ok but 
>cabomba and other simmilar plants are elongated
>between leaf nodes. 

I have found that keeping the temperature a bit lower
(around 75-77) along with low nitrates and strong
lighting helps me (although others have reported good
results under lower light).  You definitely have the
latter covered!  82 may be a bit high.  I had
Myriophyllum tuberculatum that was growing compact 2+
inches a day at 76F, 5 nitrate, and 4.8 watts per
gallon of PC and T8 lighting.  Same thing with
Limnophila indica, although that stuff did a little
too well and I got rid of it.  

>has definetly slowed.Any help would be greatly

I'd wager that your plants have definitely run out of
something.  If that happens in my tanks, it's usually
phosphate.  What are your specific levels of macros? 
Are you sure they are still what you think they are?  


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