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Re: Composition of Green Light Stump Remover

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 01:02:32PM -0800, S. Hieber wrote:
> Small irony here -- I want to get some stump remover to
> remove some stumps.  I don't much care what's in it so long
> as it won't leach something harmful and persistent into the
> water table.
> But I can't find the stuff anywhere -- yes, I even tried
> home depot.
> I am genuinely stumped.


Actually, my really good gardening shop in town dosen't carry stump
remover, when I asked they said that I should just use buttermilk;
drill a hole in the stump and pour buttermil in.  Great advice,
but not very good for my planted tank. ;)

Good luck.