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Re: AGA Contest Entries

James wrote:

> I've just spent a couple of hours looking over the entries in this year's
> AGA Contest. Very nice - congrats to everyone who entered and kudos to those
> who walked away with a ribbon. Seems to me that the general level of
> aquascaping is most definately improving.

As one of the judges, I can say that I was most definitely impressed with
the quality.   It made it almost impossible to determine a winner in
several of the categories.

> P.S. - Chuck Gadd, your photo of the Bacopa monnieri flower deserves a
> frame! Or the cover of the next TAG.....

Thanks.  I've actually got it framed, and there are two other similar pics
that I've got printed, but not yet framed.

And I'll gladly give permission for them to be used for TAG.  It would be
a great honor.