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Re: Ad Hominem Criticisms

Jrquicker at aol_com, a.k.a. Jack

I held off commenting on this thread because, goodness
knows, Tom has plenty enough supporters and friends to
speak up.  And anyway, Tom certainly doesn't need me to
speak up for *him*;  his writings, emails, etc. stand on 
their own merit.  And the attack was not just on Tom, but
on everyone that has been helped by Tom.

When I read the last shot, "its just to bad that a  lot of
people put all there faith in one mans opinion," I felt
compelled to throw this into the pot:

The comment seems casual and lacking rigorous thought.  It
is a sweeping broad brush attack on the list.  Criticising
people instead of ideas is a poor way to educate or to
learn.  It's a nasty way to participate in a discussion and
does no service to the list.  It presents an invidious
intent instead of a thoughtful contribution.

So many people work hard to bring questions and ideas to
the list.  APD is one of the best boards around, not jsut
for plants or things tropical, but one of the best of any
around.  Everyone can benefit from the rich and thoughtful
discussions that occur here.  Many can find answers to
issues that they cannot readily find elsewhere. 


The participants on the list take the high road, or nearly
everyone on the list almost always does.


Scott H.

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