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Plants not photosynthisizing?

Hello all,
I don't want to sound long winded so I'll get right to the point. I have a 75 
gallon tank that is heavily planted. Light source is 2 175 watt metal 
halides.Ph is 6.85 .Temp. is 82. GH is 5. kh is 3. Pressurized co2 through a 
reactor at 3 bubbles every 5 seconds. Moderate fish load so fertilizer is 
kept to a minimum. Phosphate and nitrate are well within normal range 
Substrate is plain gravel over laterite.
In the morning after the lights come on I always used to see tons of little 
bubbles on the plant leaves. Now I see almost none. Plants still seem ok but 
cabomba and other simmilar plants are elongated between leaf nodes. Growth 
has definetly slowed.Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!