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CO2 Regulator

This is a review of a Micromatic 642-PL Pro-Line CO2 regulator.

I bought this regulator on ebay. If you search on CO2 regulator, there
are a bunch
of this model for sale, starting at around $22.

The regulator is chrome plated with good workmanship. The dial cases are
metal, instead of plastic.
The most unique feature is that it has a built-in inlet seal washer.
This gives a better
seal then the normal loose washer. I replaced another brand of
regulator, because
I had trouble getting a good seal between the regulator and the bottle.

It comes with a 3/8 in barb, but 1/4 in tubing will fit it, if you dip
the hose in hot
water first.

There is a large knob to adjust the pressure, with a good quality feel
to it. There is a quick
shutoff valve, which is handy.

I highly recommend this regulator.