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Re: MTS & Thier failure to thrive

> Hi.
> I have had a problem over the past year or so in trying to introduce MTS to
> two of my tanks.
> I have 3 tanks all together.
> The 3rd tank is the source of my MTS, it is a 20 high tank with ...snip...

Low GH and not enough buffering (KH) can cause the shells to erode (turn 
white) and the snails to die. The third tank probably has gravel with a 
weak source of CaCO3 o/e in it. Some gravel has shell or marble chips that 
don't dramatically change the water pH (after enough aging) but can still 
provide that essential Ca to keep shells intact. The lower the pH, the 
more Ca and/or Mg dissolves into the water column.

Get a combination GH/KH kit and check all three tanks every few months. I 
bet the one the snails thrive in has little higher GH and KH than the 
other two. Oyster-shell grit (from the feed store for chickens) or crushed 
coral from the (more expensive) LFS, in a filter bag,  can raise your 
hardness enough for snails (and plants, etc.) to do well.


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