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Re: substrate issues

> (75% weekly) the tank will get algae on the glass, and in a few days the
> entire front pane is covered with algae, the water will have a slight tint of
> green as well. I also have hair algae that is taking over my java moss. I do
> not have any other algae on the plants except for the h/algae. Besides that,
> my plants are growing well.

So does the tank stabilize if you did not do any water change for 2 or 3

> I think my problem is from my overuse of 13-4-5 fertilizer.

Oh yea. 
Anything with NH4/Urea in there is big trouble.
NO3 is not bad.

> In the past I did not  worry about the fert leeching into the water column
> because of my sand substrate.Since I'm using flourite now, I might have
> caused a problem....
> I guess my question is:
> What can be done to fix this problem, besides being carefull with plant-stick
> fert?

Stop using those types of fert's in the gravel.
Use KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4 or other sources of PO4, traces etc to the water
column. Plant do great without all the jobes and what not in the gravel.
It's like a land mine waiting to blow.

You can make your own tabs from KNO3, K2SO4 and PO4 + iron rich clay or
agarose etc and those will not cause many/any issues. It's that darn NH4
that causes so much grief.

Tom Barr 
> Thankyou
> Neight Goetz