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Hair algae any IDers...

I'm having some problems with hair algae and slight g/water. 

 Back in Sept I switched my tank from sand/kitty litter to flourite. So far 
so good.
For the past couple of weeks, I noticed that soon after I perform a water 
(75% weekly) the tank will get algae on the glass, and in a few days the 
entire front pane is covered with algae, the water will have a slight tint of 
green as well. I also have hair algae that is taking over my java moss. I do 
not have any other algae on the plants except for the h/algae. Besides that, 
my plants are growing well.
I think my problem is from my overuse of 13-4-5 fertilizer.
In the past I did not  worry about the fert leeching into the water column 
because of my sand substrate.Since I'm using flourite now, I might have 
caused a problem....
I guess my question is:
What can be done to fix this problem, besides being carefull with plant-stick 


Neight Goetz