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Kasselmann book.

Hello List, 
	I got home today and had a pleasant surprise. I received my copy
of Aquarium Plants by Christel Kasslmann. Adjectives cannot describe how
excited I was. I counldn't stop reading it. My mom also said she has
never seen me study(read) so hard before, not even for exams. Also I
want to take this opportunity to comment on the excellent service I
enjoyed at Fish-Vet Inc. At first I wanted to buy it from Aquabotanic,
but they couldn't do a non-credit payment. Therefore, I checked Fish-Vet
Inc. Not only was the price competitive, Aquarium Landscapes took the
trouble to find out about the mailing cost to my country and he also
made arrangements to accept a non_credit_card_payment. For all the
troubles, they could have rejected this deal and sold this highly-
demanded book to someone else without any problems, but they didn't.
This is what I call superb customer service! Thank you Fish-Vet Inc!!!! 

Wayne Wah from Singapore. 

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