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Re: Composition of Green Light Stump Remover

Chuck wrote:
"I expect they're the primary ingredients, but I'm not sure.  I was hoping
for a bit more detail than just a couple of sentences."

It would be nice to know the % of "blood meal" in the product. That's an
organic fertilizer but I don't know how wise it would be to introduce dried
animal blood (literally) into an aquarium. Plants use inorganic ions as
nutrients and the approximately 80-90% crude protein in blood meal would
have to be processed by a whole series of bacteria in order to become useful
to the plants as a Nirtogen source.

Aren't "fertilizers" regulated in the U.S.? That _ought_ to provide a
starting point - at the very least an MDS, although to be truthful I've
looked at a lot of those documents which don't contain very much
information - in many cases not even the chemical formula is listed.

While on the subject of off beat fertilizers, does anyone know the general
difference in purity levels between "farm grade", "field grade" and most
importantly "greenhouse grade" chemicals? It seems that most of the
hydroponics retailers (at least the ones here in Canada) are primarily
selling "greenhouse grade" chemicals. It seems to me that if its pure enough
to use on tomatoes destined for the table it ought to be pure enough for an
aquarium but thats still only a guess.

James Purchase