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Who is Jack?


I'm relatively new to this group and can't really say I know Tom as well as
I would like to but can say that all the great help I have received from
this group and in particular from Tom has really been helpful and I'm
surprised that people are asked to explain to you who Tom is when perhaps a
self introduction from your behalf may help us to better understand your
point of view. I think I missed something in the threads, I couldn't find
any provocative messages from Tom to you or anyone else for that matter
which leaves me a little puzzled as to why you would even post such a
message to the group. What kind of response were you expecting? I'm hoping
it has a little more substance than a "knock and run"... .does it?

Giancarlo Podio

--- Original Message ---

If Tom Barr said that there is no salt in the ocean, would all the aquarists
out there  think that this must be true? Thank You