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Re: Digest mode. [off topic]

Speaking as a sysadmin, I can say that the savings isn't really in 
bandwidth (you still send essentially the same amount of info to all the 
subscribers, just as "bursts" instead of a long-term trickle), the savings 
is in processing overhead on the server. There is a lot less connection 
overhead to send out one or two digests per day to all the subscribers than 
there would be to establish 20-30 connections to every subscriber per day. 
Essentially the digest can result in (assuming about 20-30 messages per 
day) about 90% or so savings in the number of outgoing SMTP connections for 
outgoing mail. On a busy mail server these kinds of things add up and DO 
make a difference. I've never inquired as to why the APD is a "D", but I 
would assume this is probably at least one of the reasons.

There is also a "wed edition" of the APD that is laid out as messages and 
threads that is available at http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants I 
usually read the messages there where you can follow threads a bit more 
easily, and then I copy/paste into Eudora to compose replies.


>It's the most anoying thing I've ever had to deal with in a mailing
>list. I know it must conserve bandwith, but really... how much overhead
>from connections do you really save? ~7-10% ?



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UNIX Systems Administrator