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African Sword sprouting a "baby" on root crown?

I have a medium (12-14" tall) African (or is that Amazon?) sword that I've 
been growing, and trimming, for about six-to-eight months (it was purchased 
at only about 8" tall). I recently got my DIY co2 system running a little bit 
better and the swordplant seems to be growing another (tiny) swordplant from 
the side of it's root-crown. The crown, due to gravel settling (yes, bad me, 
gravel hehe), is about 3/4ths of an inch out of the substrate. Initially it 
formed a "shoulder" of roots, and then sprouted a few leaves. The leaves are 
growing from their own center. Not on the central point of the "parent."
Has anyone heard of this? Is it just normal growth? And, also, how should I 
go about splitting it, if indeed, this is an "offspring"?

As a postscript, I hate sounding like a newbie with that plant name. But, I'm 
dyslexic and it's a tad hard for me to pick out the difference between the 
two words.

Thanks for any help or advice in advance!
-Kristen Steaveson (a bit of a plant-geek in training)