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Who is Tom Barr?

>>If Tom Barr said that there is no salt in the ocean, 
>>would all the aquarists out there  think that this 
>>must be true? Thank You 

In a word, Yes.

However, his statement would also have been backed up by some scientific
facts that explained that the layman's term "salt" when in solution (aka
in the sea water) takes on some different chemical composition that can
no longer be called "salt" ...

In otherwords he has a long tradition of consistently answering
questions with verifiable facts.  Are there differences of opinion?
Sure.  Everyone in awhile, you will find people on different sides of an
issue that may disagree with him, after all, we all know that there are
often multiple ways of doing something.  But with Mr. Barr, you can
always trust that what he has to say is reasoned, factual, and accurate.
Everyone is always free to disagree and do things there own way.

But in the absence of someone who provides an equally reasoned, factual,
and accurate argument as Mr. Barr typically does, I will always trust
his guidance first.