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Fuzzy Surface Algae.... Fe overload???


I've only recently been having a really bad algae problem in my 20G planted 
tank. Within the past 3-4 months the surface will become oily, and this 
'oil' will *poof* become a really think green fuzz that completely cuts off 
surface agitation, and light. It is ugly! The tank in question has been 
cycled now for almost 2 years. I do all weekly maintainace as I always have. 
The fish load is constant, a few small tetras, serpae and the such. The 
water parameters are all good, 0 nitrate, 0 nitrite, and 0 ammonia. I have 
been searching everywhere on the net, but there is no info on this type of 
algae. It is becoming such a nuisance. I skim the surface to remove it, but 
it quickly returns.

The only info I could find was that it was related to high levels of Iron. I 
live in an area where the water system is VERY old. Corroded lead, and other 
nasty type pipes are being slowly replaced by the government. I can't test 
for iron. I stopped adding Iron supplements to my tank, but the problem 
persists. One interesting note, I have some plants that turn red when there 
is sufficient Iron and lighting. Also, the water has dramatically changed in 
the past 5 yrs of my fishkeeping. At first our tap water was hard, and had a 
neutral pH. So hard my test kit measured the max KH and GH. Within the past 
6 months the tap water has become extremely soft, with pH of about 5!!!! It 
happened overnight it seems, I lost 2 large lionhead goldfish after a water 
change. I learned after that they died from acidosis!
As if this was not bad enough, my tanks now have this unsightly nuisance! 
ARGGGGG. I have made several requests to the municipality, but the seem 
totally baffled that anyone is interested in the water parameters. Hmph, 
good thing this is only for aquarium use.
Sorry about going on, and on..... I hope that someone can help me!!


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