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Re: Green surface algae & DIY CO2

Is it a thread-like mesh of algae or a mucus-like film of algae? I've had 
the thread-like stuff on the surface many times in little growout tanks 
when I run high light on them. I attribute it to an excess of some nutrient 
that I've never been able to isolate (haven't tried that hard either -- the 
tanks are growout tanks so the algae just provides homes for more 
fry-food). I can usually get the stuff to get to manageable levels just be 
removing it every few days. Eventually I can get to a point where only a 
little of the problem algae remains in the tank this way.


>I had a strange Green surface algae, when you put your hand in the tank it
>had a green filter over it.
>Im sure it was because of my DIY co2 system, because when I removed it the
>algae went away over night. Only now Im trying to find a cause, off course
>you whould think that yeast is leaking in the tank. Only I dont understand
>how that is possible, there are a few CMs between the yeast and the tube
>(hope that is the right word). I can imagine that from time to time a little
>amount whould leak, but that should only boost the algae for a day. (when
>the DIY CO2 was removed the algae was gone the next day). That wasnt the
>case the algae was getting thicker each day for a few weeks.

>Does anyone ever had any experience with this algae or any other info that
>could help me ?
>Already thanks

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