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Re: Who is Tom Barr

>He's a grouchy old man who lives in a shack with his tanks and plants and
>eats newbie plant keepers for dinner.

More precisely, Tom Barr is an anorexic, grouchy old man who lives by 
himself surrounded by tattered botany books in an old mining shack in 
Alaska. He's often seen cracking through the ice layers in the winter 
searching for undiscovered forms of algae. Most of the year his 
search is fruitless, which is why he hopes to receive samples from us 
in the mail.

He was married once but lost his wife after sending her into a 
crevace to retrieve a frozen algae specimen. Unfortunately, the only 
thing he had on hand to use as a rescue device was the botany books 
that he loved so much (and of course a microscope). At the very 
least, he knew he could burn the books to keep her warm while she was 
in there. It was a hard choice - the books or her.... You can imagine 
the end of that story. Fortunately for us, he still has the books and 
the microscope and is always available to help us whenever we need 
it. What a guy!

JoAnn ;)

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